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Michael Method Founders and Developers



Menny Barzilai





 Yuval Aloni


"The Michael Method draws from the well of inspiration so ably exploited during the period of the Renaissance, one of the most fertile times in the history of human cultural development.

More than anything else, this period is noted for its belief in the phenomenal ability of the human spirit, and its view of man as multi-disciplined.

While participating in the Michael Program, students are introduced to a wide gamut of philosophical ideas, values and multi-disciplinary concepts and great challenges. Answering these challenges is in itself a commendation of the students' ability to make the right decisions, even when that decision carries an implicit demand for the student to invest an unbridled effort to carry it through. 
It is important to remember that the Michael Program is only the starting point of a lifelong journey. We hope that during the Michael Program students will be able to discover new worlds and new subjects and that the process will cast new light upon matters that were hitherto boring or difficult.

Most of all, we hope that the students will be able to discover the vast latent talents lying within themselves and in fact…within every human being.


"In the 21st century and at the height of the scientific revolution, there is a growing realization that the most important resource at humanity’s disposal is the incredible potential that lies within the human spirit. The most important challenge to be faced in this century is to actualize that amazing potential.

The Michael Program can be a fascinating, unique rite of passage. We believe and hope that through this journey, every student will be able to develop his or her latent potential and the enormous strength required to continue to improve and achieve in whatever endeavor he or she chooses to undertake.

Napoleon's famous dictum: "Every soldier carries a marshal's baton in his knapsack" reflects each individual's leadership potential. We believe this saying is true for all human beings, at all times and in every field of human activity. All people have an innate potential for excellence. 

The realization of that innate potential requires the adoption of a very demanding life-style, high self-expectations, a desire to change and constantly improve, and hard work as well as patience and tolerance. At the very core of this life-style is the deeply felt belief that "every person can achieve everything" and that life's events are solely dependent on the individual.