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Michael Principles

The Michael Method is a unique, holistic method to develop and realize an individual’s emotional, intellectual and behavioral potential. The vast majority of human beings use between 5%-7% of their innate potential. Students of the Michael Method learn how to use a range of practical tools and principles that allow them to exploit their innate talents more efficiently and achieve dramatic improvements in their educational and personal achievements.

Excellence in any field

The Michael Method is based on the firm belief that every human being can excel in any field they choose. To instill excellence as a way of life, students must be taught to believe in their own capabilities and to understand the significance of personal responsibility, independence and a craving for knowledge.

250,000 alumni cros- country

The Michael Method was developed in 1988 by a multi-disciplinary team of professional academics. With encouragement and support from the Israeli Ministry of Education, while some 870 students studied the Michael Method during the 1993 –1994 school year, close to 10,000 students were enrolled during the school year 2012- 2013. The Israeli education system implements the Michael Method in Junior High Schools and High Schools in the Jewish, Arab, Druze and Bedouin educational sectors as well as in adult education: Teachers’ advanced studies, in programs run by the Ministries of Defense and Social Welfare, The National Insurance Institute, Colleges of Advanced Education, The National Electric Corporation and in many other Public and private frameworks. To date, there are some 250,000 alumni of the Michael Method programs.

High Level Mentoring

Outstanding students and academics from a wide variety of disciplines undergo a strict selection process and a special preparatory study program before becoming mentors in Michael Method programs. Out of the thousands of candidates for the role of mentor, only some dozens are finally accepted after the long, rigorous process. While studying in the preparatory program, candidates learn the principles behind the Michael Method and basic knowledge in some 70 different educational fields, including: Creativity, modern science, music, mathematical thinking, drawing, English language, emotional intelligence, memory, time management, speed reading, theater, decision making processes, psychology, nanotechnology, Logotherapy, the Internet, civil rights, reading comprehension, guidance counseling towards academic studies, preparation for military and national service, contending with examination anxiety, social commitment and responsibility and many more different subjects. The preparatory program is designed to develop the mentors’ ability to guide study groups in the true spirit of the unique education principles that are at the core of the Michael Method and it prepares group mentors to act in a manner that will allow students to identify them as an outstanding role model.