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Michael Method Aims

General Objectives
  • Actualization of each individual's wide-ranging potential.
  • Improved awareness of the world around us and the world within us.
  • Increased individual awareness of personal responsibility and freedom of choice.
  • Maximizing individual involvement and personal responsibility towards the human environment and ecology.
  • A statistical increase of students awarded matriculation certificates.
  • Improved grade averages on the matriculation certificate.
  • A higher percentage of students progressing to higher education.
  • Enhancement of the individual's ability to integrate successfully into the workplace of the future.

Behavioral Aims

  • The study of techniques to develop the imagination.
  • The development of individual creativity and the understanding of its importance
  • Memory improvement skills.
  • An understanding of modern scientific thought
  • Learning methods to increase reading speed and efficiency
  • Problem solving approaches in reading comprehension
  • The study of efficient methods of organizing study materials
  • Developing mathematical thinking
  • English language studies based on the principles of acquiring a mother tongue
  • Theoretical and practical understanding of the language of music
  • Studies in the Information revolution
  • Learning the principles of drawing
  • Acquaintanceship with the world of theater
  • Acquisition of the underlying principles for self-development of the tools of personal expression

Learning Aims

  • Internalization of the "love for all humankind" approach as the foundation for social and personal excellence.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Internalization of the value of positive thinking.
  • Increased awareness of the importance of self-expression.
  • Understanding of the importance of contending with difficulties and personal failures as the key to future success.
  • Increased personal discipline towards individual and social commitments.
  • Encouragement of motivation to achieve in the widest possible range of activities.
  • Learning techniques to reduce anxieties about exams and other learning tasks.
  • Mental preparation for successful acclimatization to compulsory national service.
  • Developing of motivation to broaden knowledge and go on to higher education.