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"For over ten years now, I have headed a Ministry department responsible for the implementaDr. Avi Levition of hundreds of educational programs. The Michael project differs from other programs in its record of successes, its highly original set of tenets and an educational ethos that is different from any other educational approach that I have come across during my studies and working life. This is not just another program to teach some specific discipline; it is not another lesson in math or English. This project reaches into the children's souls; it reaches their beliefs and affects their futures by changing the day-to-day experience that determines their progress and by giving them the improved self-confidence and self-image that will allow them to achieve anything that they so desire.


...There can be no doubt about the outstanding successes achieved by the Michael Method. If the program did not already exist, the need for it would cry out for its invention. The Michael Method's educational ethos is an original, unique idea that takes its inspiration from the most advanced theories in the field of education. Michael mentors are chosen through a highly selective process. They possess rare, outstanding, multi-disciplined talents; most importantly, they possess the ability to bring about longed-for changes in their students' lives. The Michael Method's ability to bring about deep-set changes in students during a course that lasts a mere four months, allows every mentor to teach a large number of students each year. The Michael Method has proven that it is a universal program, appropriate for all cultural and language backgrounds. From this perspective, I have no doubt whatsoever that any country that introduces theMichael Method to its educational system will succeed in creating dramatic change in its students' rates of success."
Dr. Avi Levi, Director of the Educational and Social Services Division at the Israeli Ministry of Education


 Extracts from letters written by School Principals


"The adults, or in other words the mentor, the students' teachers and administrative staff were swept away by the students' seriousness. Taking into consideration the heterogenous class structure in the school, the project's influence on participating students was highly significant. In my opinion, it will have  long-lasting effects."
Rachel Buchbut, Head of the Humanities Department at the "Gross" Religious Comprehensive High School in Kiryat Gat, Israel.

"Despite the rigid, strict discipline imposed, the students met all the requirements and completed all their assignments. All the students significantly improved their levels of achievement in the different subjects during the course. The principal contributions were the way that the project increased the students' self-confidence; the way it reinforced their self-image and self-esteem by teaching them new learning habits and skills; the way they were taught responsibility and how to complete assigned tasks; the way that it improved their self-discipline and motivation to learn."

Dov Rozenfarb, Principal at the "Dr. Kugel" High School in Holon, Israel.

"There can be no better proof of the project's success than the requests made by other students to join this project, even if it meant giving up their summer holiday. Further proof is the unique request made by the teaching staff at the school. After seeing the effect of the project on their students they asked  to participate in a special course for the staff".
David Abraham, Principal at  the School of  Sciences and  Arts at the "David Ben Gurion" High School in Afula, Israel.