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לרישום לתהליך המיון לקורס המנחים של מיכא"ל 2018, לחצו כאן

Graduates Students

My Michael course

(taken from letters written by Michael Method graduates at the end of the course)


"As a Michael course graduate, I can testify that this unique method … has proved itself. We studied for about 100 hours and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it was equivalent to 40 years of study - which is how old I am. During this short period of time, I managed to do things that I thought I could never have succeeded in doing, things that I was embarrassed or afraid to do. I gained wisdom, knowledge, tolerance, understanding, faith, confidence and responsibility".

Esther Atias - graduate of the Michael course for adults held at the National Insurance Institute, Israel.


"Storms are a regular thing for sailors. My storm was called the Michael Project. When I began the project, one thing was obvious to me: something in my life was about to change for ever and that is exactly what happened.”

Najua Salti - Michael course graduate from the Nazareth Municipal High School, Israel.


"This is something that must be experienced and I really can't  look at my life any more without Michael … Michael was the first stage on my road to success."

Romi Shwartzman - Michael course graduate  from the "Cramim" School in Carmiel, Israel.