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Public Figures


"The problem today is not learning in order to know; it is knowing how to learn. Individuals have to be their own teachers. It is more important to know how to use your imagination, to be charismatic, to work with other people, to work with a team, to work with new technology, to maintain a healthy curiosity - to develop your own innate talents and not just enlarge your memory banks. The Michael Method is a revolutionary, hands-on program… that proves that it is possible to achieve significant improvements in each individual's ability to make the most of his or her own innate talents.”



Shimon Peres - The President of Israel and Nobel Laureate





"The Michael Method Project is proof positive that there is hope for significant improvements in the education system and that large numbers of students can be given the opportunity to reach notable achievements in their studies, in matriculation examinations and in academic  studies. This success is a success for the State of Israel as a whole.  The initiative undertaken by the founders of the Michael Method: Mr. Manny Barzilai and Mr. Yuval Aloni in cooperation with Dr. Avi Levi from the Educational and Social Services Division at the Ministry of Education  and with encouragement from the late Minister of Education, Mr. Zebulon Hammer, has borne the most choice of fruits.  The unique way in which you are active in schools, and  the paths you have taken in order to join that exclusive, special force of Michael Method mentors are worthy of all praise. You are the real pioneers in Israel of the 90's.


 In the name of the Government of the State of Israel, I would like to express my esteem and deepest regard for your enterprise."


 Binyamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister of Israel



"If  the Michael Method can show individuals that if they so choose, they can take the path that will lead them to success and achievement, why can't the whole Israeli public act like one big Michael program towards making a better country."


Mr. Ezer Weizman - Former President of the of Israel








"The question we face in the begining of the 21th century is the education - heading where . there are three major things must be given for any student, and quite fits most of your work: use the knoledge, sorting the knoladge and cope with the fact that the knoladge is nor static but variable. We need to make an effort to change the learning methods in schools".

Prof. Yuli Tamir - Former Minister of Education








"The Michael Method is an outstanding method, it is most beneficial, eminently successful and the results it achieves are excellent. We can only hope that we will be able to introduce the Michael Method throughout the educational system. We must treat the Michael Method with the most serious consideration, not only in the educational context, it must be considered in a social context and in national terms… If we want to realize educational goals, we need to have the strongest amongst us as teachers. I would very much like to use the Michael Method with teachers, head teachers and school inspectors.."

Rabbi Yitzchak Halevi - Former Minister of Education at the certification ceremony for graduating Michael Method mentors





"The Michael Method is at the very heart of the main thrust of the Ministry of Education’s chosen path and it is almost the only weapon in its armory at this time. I owe you my deepest gratitude."

Mr. Yossi Sarid - Former Minister of Education at a conference of Michael Method mentors.






"It would seem that we must be unstinting in our praise for the outstanding achievements reached by the Michael Method in raising the number of students eligible for a matriculation certificate. But it is of no less importance and even possibly more important to heap praise on the educational deeds wrought by the Michael Method, for its unrelenting, consuming belief in each and every student’s ability to succeed, for the high expectations that it meticulously instills into every student, for the discipline that it succeeds in persuading students to accept and above all, for its role as the most positive of catalysts, stimulating thousands of young people to take control of their future, to believe that change is possible and to believe that such is within their grasp.."


Mr. Zebulon Hammer - Former Minister of Education during the ceremony honoring the Michael Method held at the President of Israel’s official residence





"The Michael Method is a revolutionary method that is marching Israel forward towards a goal – every other Israeli with a matriculation certificate and one in three Israelis with a university degree… With the help of the Michael Method, we will bring change to Israeli society.."

Professor Amnon Rubenstein - Former Minister of Education, at a ceremony honoring the Michael Method, held at the President of Israel’s official residence