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Click to inlargeLeading researchers and academics in Israel, including Michael Lotan, Professor Haim Adler, Professor Naama Sabar Ben-Yehoshua and the late Professor Reuven Kahana, have conducted thorough investigations of the Michael Method's unique learning technology and written at length on their findings. All the research carried out indicates dramatic and extraordinary improvements in Michael Method students' abilities in a wide range of subjects and competences. Professor Haim Adler, Emeritus Dean of the School of Education at the Hebrew University defines the

Michael Method as globally unique in terms of fulfilling human potential.

Follow-up Research

The study concluded that 74% of the students enrolled in Michael courses earned a full matriculation certificate, while only 36% of the general school population achieved this level of academic achievement. In presenting these results, it is important to stress that students underwent no enrollment exams or selection procedures for the Michael courses offered.

One significant finding was that no correlation was found between the level of the parents' education and students' success in exams. Amongst the general population, a strong link can be found between these two variables. The fact that this correlation vanishes amongst Michael course students is a momentous achievement.
It is important to stress that at least 60% of the students taking part in Michael programs are either from disadvantaged homes, or defined as being from the lowest  socio-economic levels.

Mr. Michael Lotan, of the “Israeli Sociological Society”, has conducted follow-up research. Professor Haim Adler, Emeritus Dean of the School of Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem served as the research program's advisor.

In preface to this  research, Professor Adler wrote: "I know of no other program, in Israel or abroad, that seeks to instill students with the feeling that they can succeed simultaneously in so many different fields…The program succeeds in improving the students' achievements… and succeeds in fulfilling all of the promises of theMichael Method.  At present, in terms of the message content and the educational methods used, no similar program exists in Israel or in any other country." 


"The Michael Method circumvents the dangers of "labeling" through its recruitment process. The method is based on the assumption that every single 10th grade student can contend with matriculation exams. The Michael Program makes the most intense demands, and sets high standards that require great effort if they are to be achieved. It operates simultaneously in many different fields and in each field the program seeks to grant a feeling of self-confidence and a real chance of success. The wide scope and range of subjects studied is unique to the Michael Method. The creators, managers and mentors of this program have earned our congratulations and full encouragement."

Professor Naama Tzabar Ben-Yehoshua, Tel Aviv UniversityClick to inlarge